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Prelinger Twice A Night

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Prelinger Twice A Night

Published 2004

Nudity alert.

A collection of girly clips, set to a nicely bombastic piece of music.

This movie is made entirely from the vintage burlesque shorts available here at the PRELINGER ARCHIVES. Every shot involves nudity or near-nudity. Do not download this movie if you are a repressed, blue-nosed freak.

The files I uploaded are the VCD-ready MPEG1 and the Quicktime .mov. The MPEG1 has the best picture and sound. The Quicktime is smaller, with swooshy audio-compression artifacts and barely acceptable video. Any other formats were generated automatically by the frequently faulty automatic procedures hear at the Archives, so it would be best to avoid them. MPEG 4 files derived from my uploaded movies are usually very messed up.

Run time 2:55
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information <table width="90%" border="2" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2"><tr><td bgcolor="#00FF66"><div align="center"><big><big><big><b><a href=""><span class="style1">WWW.FRANKPANUCCI.COM</span></big></big></big></b></a><span class=


Music and editing - Frank Panucci


Reviewer: Apeism is Stupid - favorite - May 20, 2014
Subject: Garbage...
and more garbage...
Reviewer: floridacracker8188 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 30, 2013
Subject: NAKED?
Great Piece.
Reviewer: DougDannger - favorite - April 13, 2013
Subject: Terribly Edited
Applying MTV edits to mid-20 century black & white creates a comic, not erotic, effect. Crap music too. Could have been great except for that fact that.... it wasn't
Reviewer: Boomer12k - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 22, 2010
Subject: Editing...
The most awesome editing job, since RUSS MEYERS! Now that guy could edit!
One interesting place is the Small Pool! That is a part of the famous "Spider Pool", the small circular pool was known as "The Ice Pool" as it was soooooo cold!
As far as other content I give it a 3.
Reviewer: love knight - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 31, 2007
Subject: thanxxxxxxxx
Reviewer: equipmentguy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2005
Subject: Wow and way too cool
Yes it is old and very sexual. However this is what turned my Dad on. Now I will share it with others. OUTSTANDING too bad it was so fast.
Reviewer: MediaWhore - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 7, 2005
Subject: WHOOO BOY
UNlike ALL of the other reviewers on here I thought this was a blast but then again it could be because I'm not one of those "Blue-nosed Freaks" that he described in the above movie description as people who should not view this.
Reviewer: little miss danger - favoritefavorite - April 22, 2005
Subject: not too bad!
these are fine images let down by a weak and hopelessly out of place contemporary score. if the director knew anything at all about music it could have been a great film. as it is, it`s a turd!
Reviewer: RobbieRogers - favoritefavorite - August 2, 2004
Subject: Cashel is rihgt
This movie is nasty. It has some of the samw pictures in it that another movie here had that i thought was nasty. i can not do married things for doctor reasons, but if i could i think this movie would make me try to hurt women with my "thing" if i had one. praise jesus

too stars for music, it sounded like big bang music my dady used to play before he left
Reviewer: cashel - favorite - August 1, 2004
Subject: made in the USA for the vulgar.
There is nude dancing presented artistically and it is beautiful. And then there is the FAKE as shown in this film where we are shown nude girls performing only for the MONEY. The film-maker describes those who do not appreciate his film as "repressed blue-nosed freaks".I appreciciate nude art BUT I do NOT like this junk. Does he like women?Is this film a re-action to his real prudery?. NAKED IS NATURAL so WHY PRESENT IT AS CRUDE AND AS NASTY. Grow up boy and then you will view nudity as natural.
Reviewer: leecherzs - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 14, 2004
Subject: Vintage Strippers.
Described well above.
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